What is it?

 www.skyetv.com is a great affiliate platform proven capable of generating current non-stop string of income with the lowest capital of only 50.00 pts of which everyone can afford. 

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This is an opportunity that you will want to participate. Grab the chance to generate initial income with minimal capital of ONLY 50pts plus chance to generate recurring profit with FREE attractive affiliate SKYeTV products.

We Pay Cash, Plus there is a Twist We Think You'll Really Like

  Many affiliate programs pay cash on new business referrals. Our new program does that too. However, we wanted to take this program one big step further. We’ve found a recurring revenue model to be a great fit for our business. Members pay us every 2 month with our auto renewal system with auto deduction from everyone's earning. We feel that anyone who referred a member our way should also earn a piece of that recurring revenue. So that’s what we’ve done - auto repeat sales - auto bonus, for all members. 

What do You Get as a Business Partner

The SkyeTv Business Platform not only provides you as a member and business partners a great money making opportunity, but also a lot of other free and great stuffs that you can enjoy as you grow your business with us.

Enjoy Great Rewards by Joining the SkyeTv Affliate Program


FREE Online Tv Channels

Watch your favourite channels online anywhere, anytime & on-the-go. The exciting world of Skyetv is where you can enjoy a variety of movies, serial TV, documentaries, news, entertainment and much, much more..


 FREE Online Business Tools

Tools for Managing Your Online Business

  •  Memberships management
  •  Income & e-Wallet Management
  •  Full Transaction History
  •  Facebook automation
  •  Contact and schedule Management with Google
  •  YouTube Integrations
  •  Use Twitter for tracking marketing events


Highest Pay & Continous Income Potential

Get 85% pay out commission paid weekly. Unlimited potential and passive income every two months with the 'Reverse 2-Up’ system.

   We have a Great Income Generation Program Just for You

With just a tiny initial investment, we give you a lot of opportunity to create a continous income. Join in, use the tools, get more members - it is as simpe as that.

Learn more about how you can generate an awesome income with this program..

We are growing fast! and look how much our existing members are making each day


Our members are generating income (a lot!!) on a daily basis since we starts the business, don't miss this opportunity, join the crowd, be part of this amazing continous income generating business program and watch your income grows.

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Accumulative Daily Member IncomeIncome02-Jan-1310-Jan-1318-Jan-1326-Jan-1306-Feb-1314-Feb-1322-Feb-1302-Mar-1310-Mar-1318-Mar-1326-Mar-1303-Apr-1311-Apr-1319-Apr-130100,000200,000300,000400,000Days of Business

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