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Petrol and Diesel Prices This Week 
8 August 2020 to 14 August 2020 
(RON 95, RON 97 & Diesel) 

Get the latest petrol price in Malaysia. We provide weekly updates every Friday at 5 pm on fuel prices for RON95, RON97 and Diesel as the Malaysia government revises the pricing ( Harga Minyak ). 

Latest Petrol Price for 
RON95, RON97 & Diesel in Malaysia

DATE                  RON95  RON97  DIESEL
                            (RM)      (RM)      (RM)
01 Aug - 07 Aug  1.68      1.98       1.83
08 Aug - 14 Aug  1.63      1.93       1.79
15 Aug - 21 Aug  0.00      0.00       0.00
22 Aug - 28 Aug  0.00      0.00       0.00
 29 Aug - 04 Sep  0.00      0.00       0.00 

Bookmark our page and check back for the up-to-date prices.

Prices of fuel have been changing on a monthly basis since September 2018, but it will now return to a weekly price system based on the Automatic Pricing Mechanism (APM) formula.




1. What is the ePENJANA initiative?

The ePENJANA is an initiative under the Short-Term Economic Recovery Plan (PENJANA) aimed at encouraging consumer spending.

It also aims to instill safety practices through contactless payment and assist the public health authorities to facilitate contact tracing for Covid-19 through the MySejahtera application.

Around 15 million Malaysians stand to benefit from ePENJANA, where the Government provides RM50 ePENJANA credits, to be used for purchases through the selected e-Wallets service providers, which are Boost, GrabPay and Touch ‘n Go eWallet.

At the same time, the selected e-Wallet service providers will provide additional incentives worth RM50 through vouchers, cashback and reward points.

2. Who is eligible for ePENJANA?

To qualify for the ePENJANA credits, you must:
(a) Be a Malaysian individual
(b) Be 18 years old and above as of or on 31 December 2020
(c) Earn less than RM100,000 annually based on LHDN’s latest
(d) Have installed and is a registered user of the MySejahtera app
After the application, you will receive notification with regard to the application status from the e-Wallet of your choice.

3. When does the programme start, how long is the programme for? How will the ePENJANA credits and e-Wallet incentives be credited? Is there a deadline for the ePENJANA credits and e- Wallet incentives?

The ePENJANA credits can only be claimed by eligible applicants once, from 8.00am on 31 July 2020 to 11.59pm on 24 September 2020.

Once claimed, the ePENJANA credits must be utilised by 11.59pm on 30 September 2020, after which time, any unused ePENJANA credits will be automatically removed from the applicant’s e-Wallet.

You are entitled to only one-time RM50 ePENJANA credits via one e-Wallet of your choice throughout the programme. Once you have received the RM50 ePENJANA credits from one e- Wallet, any attempt to claim additional RM50 ePENJANA credits from other e-Wallets will be rejected by the system.

If you meet the eligibility criteria (which includes registering on MySejahtera) and have been successfully verified under the eKYC process, you will receive a one-time RM50.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Fifty Only) credits issued to your chosen e-Wallet (“ePENJANA”) within five days of the application date.

The additional incentives provided by the respective e-Wallets vary depending on their terms & conditions. Please refer to their respective campaign announcements for more information, including the expiry date of the additional incentives.

The ePENJANA credits cannot be transferred to other e-Wallet accounts or be cashed out.

4. Why the three e-Wallets have been selected for the ePENJANA initiative?

Boost, GrabPay dan Touch n’ Go eWallet cumulatively represent a majority of the e-money market share with a combined active

user base of 21 million, and a network of more than 400,000 merchants nationwide.

This provides a powerful, ready platform to expedite the rollout of ePENJANA efficiently, benefiting a wide reach of users and making it convenient for them to utilise the ePENJANA credits across a wide selection of goods and services.

You can use the RM50 ePENJANA credits for any transactions that can be paid using your chosen e-Wallet.

5. How do I apply for the RM50 ePENJANA credits?

You are required to download and register on the MySejahtera app and claim the RM50 ePENJANA credits via the e-Wallet of your choice.

MySejahtera Apps

Step 1: Download and install MySejahtera app from the Gallery of Malaysian Government Mobile Applications (GAMMA), Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery.

Step 2: Fill in your registration details (full name as per Malaysian NRIC/Malaysian  Army/Malaysian  Police  Number  and  other required information). For existing users, please update your personal  details (full  name as per Malaysian NRIC/Malaysian Army/Malaysian Police Number)

Step 3: Proceed to apply for the ePENJANA initiative via the e- Wallet of your choice.

e-Wallet Apps:

The verification process for new and current users will be done through the e-Wallet application.

Step 1: Download the participating e-Wallet application from Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery.

Step 2: Register for new user or for existing user, follow the instruction shown in the e-Wallet App

Step 3: The e-Wallet operator will verify your identity electronically (eKYC).

Step 4: Click claim RM50 ePENJANA on the e-Wallet. The identity verification  will  be  done  to  identify  the  IC  number,  income eligibility, whether you’re registered on MySejahtera and whether you have claimed your ePENJANA from another e- Wallet already.

6. Why my application is not successful or not getting through?

Among the reasons for unsuccessful application are: -
(a) You do not meet the eligibility requirement
(b) You do not submit the complete information

During periods of high claim submissions, there may be delays in getting your RM50 ePENJANA credits. It would be best to contact the e-Wallet directly to clarify further.

(a) Boost
- Telephone: +603-2260 9494
- E-mail:
- Website: us/requests/new

(b) GrabPay
- Telephone: +603-2788 1300
- E-mail:
- Website: my/360045705731-ePenjana-(MY)

(c) Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet
- Telephone: +603-5022 3888
- E-mail:
- Website:

7. Is there any appeals or dispute process?

Yes, there is a dispute process where you can reach out to the respective e-Wallet that you have submitted your claim with, and the e-Wallet would assist you further. Any appeals and disputes should be submitted by 24 September 2020.

8. I am an offline retailer – do I need to register my shop for the MySejahtera QR code?

Yes. All retailers are encouraged to use MySejahtera Check- In to register and manage the entry of visitors into their premise in a structured and standardized manner.

To register, premise owners must follow these steps:

Step 1: Register your premises at

Step 2: Enter your mobile number or e-mail address and click
on the ‘Register’ button.

Step 3: You will receive a One-Time-Pin (OTP) via SMS (if you register using phone number) or a confirmation link through email (if you register using email address).

Step 4: Enter the OTP and press ‘Send’ (if you register using phone number) or click on confirmation link sent through email (if you register using email address).

Step 5: Fill in your premise’s registration details and press ‘Send’. You will receive a ‘Successful Registration’ message.

Step 6: You will receive a unique MySejahtera QR Code for your premise. Download, print and place the QR Code at the entrance of your premise to be scanned by visitors.

9. How will you get my information, ie my income and age data, and is my data privacy protected?

Your citizenship, age and income data will be verified through Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara and Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri. There will be no sharing of personal data from JPN or LHDN with the e-Wallets.

MySejahtera app was developed to support the implementation of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 [Act 342]. As such, providing false information is an offence under Section 22 of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 [Act 342] and Section 233 of the Communication and Multimedia Act 1998 [Act 588.]

MySejahtera is owned and operated by the Government of Malaysia. It is administed by Ministry of Health (MOH) and assisted by the National Security Council (NSC) and Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU). Your personal information will only be used for the purpose of managing and mitigating COVID-19 outbreak. It will not be shared with any other party.

Any data privacy concerns relating to the e-Wallets are subject to Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) policies and requirements.

Boost, Touch 'N Go EWallet, GrabPay, EPenjana

ePenjana: How to redeem your RM50 e-wallet credit ( eWallet50 )

Eligible Malaysians will be able to redeem e-wallet credit worth RM50 as part of the ePenjana initiative starting July 31.

However they must first download the MySejahtera app and become a registered user before claiming the incentive.

The ePenjana incentive is open to Malaysians aged 18 and above with an annual income of below RM100,000, and can only be redeemed once through an e-wallet of their choice – namely Boost, Touch ‘n Go eWallet or GrabPay.

For Boost, the company is urging users to perform an eKYC (Know Your Customer) verification process before claiming the incentive. This is for users who have not performed this step before.

This process will upgrade users’ e-wallets from Basic to Premium, which would allow them to access the app’s full range of functions as well as increase the wallet’s limit to RM4,999.

The eKYC process can be done by going to the Profile Tab on the app, then clicking My Wallet and Upgrade.

Users will also be asked to submit a selfie with their identification card as part of the process.

The Touch ‘n Go eWallet is also urging both new and existing users to complete an account verification process through the app to be eligible for the incentive.

Similarly, Grab in an online FAQ requires users to update the app to the latest version (iOS v5.107.1, Android v5.107.0 and above). They can then proceed to the Payment tab on the app and click the image card for “Get RM50 and more with your GrabPay Wallet”.

Users will then have to confirm all ePenjana criteria, which includes upgrading the e-wallet from Basic to Premium, and attest that they have not claimed the incentive before or from other participating e-wallets.

“The identity verification will be done to identify the IC number (as per MyKad), income eligibility, whether you’re registered on MySejahtera and whether you have claimed your ePenjana from another e-wallet already,” Grab said in the FAQ.

The approval process can take up to five days.

All e-wallet providers will also provide additional RM50 in vouchers, with Grab stating that it will be available to users on My Rewards in the app.

According to a Bernama report, users have until Sept 24 to redeem the incentive and the credit is valid until Sept 30.

Read FAQ ePenjana


Boost, Touch 'N Go EWallet, GrabPay, EPenjana